True Reviews of Monica Salis

Tomato.pngThese reviews reflect our experience with Monica I. Salis, P.A. Her website states, “family legal services to assist clients in achieving their objectives”, but in our opinion the only objective she’s interested in is how much money she can scam from you.

These reviews can be found on Google:

“AVOID! AVOID! – Run as fast as you can away from this lawyer _ the only good reviews are people she gives business to. Unperpared, and a bullie, Talks a good story, BUT DOES NOT WALK THE WALK!!! WASTE OF MONEY!!”

“She is a disgusting person. I have been a client for almost a year. As soon as I questioned her billing, she, as MY attorney, threw me under the bus and directed the driver to back upon me again. She does not have an honest bone in her body. She lies, she told me to lie under oath, then when I told the truth, she scolded me, like I was her daughter.”

“Horrible woman to deal with unless you like bullies. you may laugh when she costs your spouse more money but that translates into more money from you. if your going to get divorced find an an attorney with a good record-ask your friends.”

“Rather than being professional and meeting the standards and expectations as an attorney, representing herself, the legal system and her peers in a professional manner, Monica is more personal/political and not able to make clear rational choices for herself, as well as her clients. Monica can be considered unethical. Attorney client s** introduces a clear conflict and her ability to represent her clients become inadequate and unfair. While her clients are going through a divorce she has no problem taking advantage of the personal with emotional trauma. She has psychological issues, considering her confusion in her interest with men and women. Monica is not someone I would recommend to anyone, because I would like to spare a persons embarrassment and money”

“I was a client of Monica Salis – She was very verbally abusive and a bully, did not prepare for court Charges outrageous fees for her lack of services. Gets nothing done!
All she thinks about is her money. She lies .. Beware!!! You spend 4 times the amount of $$$$$ that you would with another lawyer..
Disgusted by her work!
Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! Run as fast as you can away from this lawyer.”

“Get your check book ready, she sends bills without ever following through with a promise. She talks a good talk, but has never proven a thing to us in almost a year.
Great form letters! Oh, BEWARE if you question her billing, you fall out of her grace into the pits of hell. She literally will quit working for you, throw you under a bus and direct the driver to back over you again!”

“This place is like a casino. You will lose all your money there. She is rude, charges outrageous fees for her service. Gets nothing done! All she thinks about its her money. She lies and ask clients to lie in court. This lady has no character and is looking to get all your money and always prolongs the cases to make the most money out of it. She talks a lot of game but in the end, she is a horrible lawyer… Beware!!! If you want to spend 4 times the amount of $$$$$ that you would with another lawyer, def go see her. Disgusted by her work!”

“Disgusting attorney…..She is rude and has absolutely no social graces. Eats with her mouth open LETTING FOOD FALL OUT OF HER MOUTH. Is not afraid to lie in court and will advise clients to do things that are ILLEGAL. She is all about how much money she can steal from clients. Shares way too much personal information about herself. Let’s everyone know she grew up in a trailer park….She still acts like she lives in one. Has a problem with controlling her alcohol intake and doesn’t seem to have a problem calling clients at night while she is completely intoxicated. Has no memory of the voicemails she leaves the night before….probably due to the alcohol!!! One day she’s dates women, the next she dates men. Goes into incredible detail about her daughter – a minor child – about issues that should not be shared with others. She talks about other clients to other clients!!! She has no attorney/client priviledge. Has claimed to clients that she bribes judges and has personal relationships with the judicial assistants. DO NOT USE THIS WOMAN!!!!! SHE SHOULD BE DISBARRED!!!!”